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Google Meet Attendance Template (Enterprise Version)

The Enterprise version of Google Meet has a built in option to collect attendance for any session as long as you have five or more participants. 

Unfortunately you get a separate attendance report for each meeting, and teachers may prefer to be able to put the entire year together to be able to track attendance for any day and any student. 

To help with this I have created a Google Sheets template you can use to track and summarize the attendance data for the entire year.

See below for a short 6-minute video explaining how to access the attendance reports from Google Meet, and then how to use my template to compile, track, and summarize the attendance data for the entire school year.

Note: The attendance feature is only available for people who are using the Enterprise version of the Google suite of tools. If your school does not pay for the Google tools, but instead uses the free version, you will not have the attendance feature, as well as other Enterprise features. I do have a separate video where I cover an alternate way to collect and track attendance in Meet if you are using the free version which you can see here: Google Meet Attendance Template (Non-Enterprise Version)

Tutorial Video (6 minutes)

And see all of my Google Classroom help videos here:

Get Your Copy of the Template

Click the link below to get your copy of my attendance tracking template for Google Meet. This template is to be used to track attendance from the reports generated by the Enterprise version of Google Meet. (Thanks to Katie Harmon for the suggestion to include sorting by name as well!)

Google Meet Attendance Tracking Template - Google Sheets link

  • When you click the link, you will then need to click the "Make a copy" button to get your own copy of the Google Sheet.
  • Once you get your copy, you can rename the sheet to whatever works best for you.
  • You can use the same sheet for all of your classes, or you may want to make a copy for each class you teach, if that makes it easier for you to manage the data.

How to Use the Template

  • First we will host our Google Meet just like normal. As long as we have at least 5 participants, the attendance will automatically be recorded.
  • Shortly after the meeting is over, we will receive an email with the attendance report attached as a CSV or comma separated values file.
  • We can click on the attached file to get a preview of the data.
  • However to open it we will need to hover over the attachment in the email, and click on the pencil icon to open it in Google Sheets.

  • This will open the data as a spreadsheet in Google Sheets.
  • The data that Google Meet records includes the participants' names, email addresses, how long they were in the meeting, and what time they joined and disconnected from the meeting. 
  • This is very useful information but only pertains to the one meeting, not to all of the meetings you may have with your students during the school year.

  • At this point we will want to copy the data from the attendance report we received in the email to our attendance tracker template.
  • The attendance tracker template has three tabs:
  • The first tab is to collect all the attendance data
  • The second tab uses a pivot table to summarize the data by student email address.
  • The third tab uses a pivot table to summarize the data by student name.
  • You will notice that the first tab has all of the same columns as the attendance report we were emailed, but also includes an additional column for the date, and a formula that splits up the first and last name.
  • Simply copy the data from the attendance report into our template.

  • We will then need to add the date for the meeting to the cells in the first column.
  • We should do this in the format month/date/year
  • The easiest way to do this will be to add the date to the first cell, and then copy it.
  • Next we can select the other cells that need the date and simply paste it in.

  • Now as the year goes on, we will want to keep putting new attendance data into this same Google Sheet.
  • Each time we have a Google Meet and get emailed an attendance report, we can copy the data from the report, paste it into this sheet, and add the date for that meeting.

  • As we add data to the first tab of the Sheet, we can now use the second  and third tabs to see that data summarized.
  • The second tab of the sheet has a pivot table set up that takes all the data from the first tab and organizes it by student emails and by date.
  • The pivot table will show which students were present each day, and also calculates totals for each day and for each student.

  • The third tab of the sheet has a pivot table set up that takes all the data from the first tab and organizes it by student name and by date.
  • The pivot table will show which students were present each day, and also calculates totals for each day and for each student.

And that's it! As you continue to add more attendance data throughout the year, this sheet will be an easy place to track that data and see a summary for the entire school year.

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