Eric's Resources 

Over time I have created quite a few help guides, presentations, and other training resources for Google-related topics and other educational technology topics. Although these resources can be found elsewhere on this site and other locations, I have pulled them all together in one place to make it easy for people to find a needed resource, as well as to be sure you are accessing the most recent version (rather than an older copy made by someone else).

All of these resources are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial 3.0 United States license.  For more information about this license see  In short, you can copy, distribute, and adapt these resources as long as you give proper attribution and do not charge for them.

If you would like to bring me to your school or organization to provide training on any of these topics, please see the detailed list of training sessions and services I provide in my Google Apps Training and Service Offerings document.

Google Apps 

Google Documents 

Google Drawings 



GAFE Admin 


Google Drive 

Google Sheets 

Google Forms 

Google Groups 

Google Chrome 

Google Communities 

Google Certifications 

Google Classroom 

Google Slides 

Google Sites

Google Hangouts 





  1. Thank you Eric, I like these resources but am not sure how I can have them on Google drive for teachers and students too

  2. Very nice work and very helpful

  3. Thanks for sharing. I am introducing chromebooks in my schools (Basque Country-Spain) and I found very useful tutorials you did