Eric's Webinars 

Once per month (or so) I host a free ed-tech webinar. These webinars can be viewed in two ways:
  • Live - You can watch the webinar live, which will give you the ability to submit questions and share ideas.
  • Recorded - Each webinar is recorded and can be viewed later.
Registration is not required to view the live webinar. You may simply go to the webinar link at the time of the session to view the live video. However, if you wish to receive a reminder and other information prior to the session,  you may sign up ahead of time on the webinar event page.

Participants can earn a certificate of completion for one contact hour by watching the webinar (live or recorded) and then completing an online quiz covering the session content.

Unless otherwise noted, the webinars run from 3:30 pm to 4:30 pm (EST)

 Upcoming Webinars 


 Recorded Webinars 

Collaborating and Sharing with Google Drive 

Using MS Office in Google Drive 

Gmail Safety and Security for Schools and Students 

Google Classroom Overview 

Amazing Mobile Features of Google Classroom 

4 Fun Literacy Activities with Google Docs 

Improving Writing with Google Docs 

Rubric Tools for Google Docs 

Supercharge Google Docs with Add-ons 

Fantastic Feedback Tools for Google Docs 

Supercharge Google Docs with Drawings 

Google Slides for Interactive Stories, Quizzes, and Games 

Creating Comic Strips with Google Slides 

Student Created Storybooks with Google Slides 

Supercharge Google Slides with Add-ons 

Google Sheets Activities for all Subjects 

Addressing Student Cheating in Google Apps 

Google Drawings for Graphic Organizers 

Teaching Math with Google Drawings 

Online Assessments with Google Forms 

Supercharge Google Forms with Add-ons

The All New Google Sites for Schools 

Classic Sites for Schools - Part 1 

Classic Sites for Schools - Part 2 

Classic Sites for Schools - Part 3 

Google Tools for Special Needs 

Google Communities for Schools 

Super Screencastify Activities for Schools 

Hipster Google - Tools you probably never heard of 

Google Tour Builder for any Subject 

Android Apps for Chromebooks 

Google Tools for Video PD 


  1. I found this site and am excited to watch all of the recorded webinars. We are just getting started at my school with having teachers integrate technology more into their classrooms and these are perfect to watch as I can pause them and also rewind. Mahalo nui loa for offering these.

  2. Just attended 2 of your sessions at NEOTech2016. Just wanted to thank you for sharing all of these resources! I learned a lot today and look forward to learning much more from your blog.

  3. I have attended two of your webinars about google classroom. At my school students use mostly the Ipad. I have found that the google classroom run a little differently than the desktop so I was wondering if you could do a webinar about Google classroom on the Ipad.

  4. Thanks a lot Eric for your excelent work, i learn with you too much

  5. Your webinars are great. How often do you process the credit? I want to have my staff do this, but I need to know if you send proof of completion?

  6. + Great service
    + Comprehensive
    + Easy to understand and follow information, instruction and education.

    - Very, very, very American vocabulary, expressions and pronounciation for us in Sweden :-)
    - Webinars are great but having all subtopics in one block of maybe 60 minutes, means that its timeconsuming if you are only interested in specific subtopics.

  7. Hello, I just heard you talk about voice typing for ELL. Can you direct me to your webinar which teaches voice typing?