Wednesday, November 16, 2016

18 YouTube Channels for Elementary Math

A while back I shared a post with a list of 20 great YouTube channels for Social Studies that I curated for a teacher inservice I was leading. Recently I had the chance to do the same thing again for a group of elementary math teachers.

Once again I searched for great YouTube channels that these teachers could use with their students to teach new content, provide extra review, or explain math topics in a different and engaging way. Some of these channels and playlists are created by talented teachers sharing their classroom creations with the world, while others are made by companies, TV shows, and more.

Below are 18 of the channels I found that are worth checking out for your classroom if you teach elementary level math. For my training I was shooting for grades 3 through 5, but many of these cover lower elementary grades or extend up into middle school.

I am sure there are many more channels beyond what I have listed, so I would love to hear about others. Please use the comments section at the bottom to share links to your favorite YouTube channel or playlist for math.

Math Antics - YouTube link
Math Antics covers arithmetic, fractions, percents, geometry, and algebra with helpful animations, great production value, and clear explanation from the host Rob.

Khan Academy - YouTube link
Loads of straight-forward instructional videos on math topics including Arithmetic, Pre-Algebra, Algebra, Precalculus, Calculus, Probability, Statistics, Geometry, and more.

Math Bites with Danica McKellar - YouTube link
Math Bites (on the Nerdist channel) features Danica McKellar (you may remember her as Winnie from The Wonder Years) covering math concepts in creative, funny, and very well produced videos.

Tecmath - YouTube link
Tecmath features videos on making math easier and faster. The videos are simple and easy to follow as the host digitally writes out the problems and instructs with a great Aussie accent!

Ten Marks - YouTube link
TenMarks offers hundreds of instructional videos on just about any topic in math. The host explains the concept while digitally handwriting the problems and the notes.

Flocabulary - YouTube link
Flocabulary uses original, creative, educational hip-hop music to engage students and increase achievement in a wide variety of subjects and grades (including math).

Math Snacks - YouTube link
Math Snacks are short animations designed to present mathematics in a different way, with fun stories and characters.

McCarthy Math Academy - YouTube link
Mrs. McCarthy brings high energy and fun personality to her math instructional videos for grades 3 through 5.

Math & Learning Videos 4 Kids - YouTube link
These cute 3D animated videos explain math concepts from preschool through grade 4.

funza Academy - YouTube link
These animated videos cover a variety of math topics, but especially focus on tips and tricks for doing mental math or faster calculations.

Numberphile - YouTube link
Numberphile produces videos all about numbers including topics such as pi, prime numbers, magic squares, dice, rubik's cubes, and other higher level math concepts.

Cyberchase - YouTube link
Cyberchase is a math, environmental sciences, and meteorology cartoon on PBS Kids. Cyberchase features Jackie, Matt and Inez who use math and problem solving skills in a quest to save Cyberspace from an evil villain named The Hacker.

Mr. DeMaio Multiplication Songs - YouTube link
Mr. DeMaio’s times tables videos are catchy, creative, and amazingly well produced. He uses the tunes from popular songs and a whole host of his colleagues to make these great music videos. Don’t miss his math version of Uptown Funk.

The Quick Brown Fox TV Times Tables - YouTube link
Learn times tables with these creative and funny math songs set to the tune of popular songs.

Numberock Math Songs - YouTube link
Numberock makes animated music videos that cover math concepts for 3rd through 5th Grade, including Rounding Numbers, Ordering Decimals, Subtraction, 3D Shapes, Types of Angles and more.

Numbalumba - YouTube link
Numbalumba makes short videos with simple animation and catchy tunes to teach math skills from kindergarten to middle school.

Math Songs by Mr. Heath - YouTube link
Mr. Heath focuses on 4th and 5th grade math with creative songs and mashups of familiar images and videos.

Maths Mansion - YouTube link
Maths Mansion was a British educational TV show aimed at ages 9 to 11. Each episode focused on kids learning and solving math problems to escape Maths Mansion.

For more YouTube resources, see my page here:

Please use the comments section at the bottom to share links to your favorite YouTube channel or playlist for social studies.

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