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15+ Awesome Article Sites for Students

Current event and general interest articles are a wonderful resource for students. They can be used for researching a topic, staying informed on what's happening in the news, pleasure reading, and more.

In the past I have shared some creative ways to use online articles as part of technology activities for student creativity and reading comprehension. For example:

Additionally Google recently added a new lesson to their Applied Digital Skills curriculum called "Annotate Text in Google Docs". This activity covers how to take an article, copy and paste it into Google Docs, and then make digital notes to understand the article using comments, highlighting, tables, and more.

One big question, however, is where to find good articles. Over the years I have come across many excellent resources for articles that are written specifically for students. See below for my current list of these sites.

Student Article Websites

Below is a list of useful websites that provide current event and general interest articles for students. Many of these sites provide additional resources such as:

  • Articles written at multiple reading levels (Lexile levels)
  • Quizzes over the article content
  • Discussion questions or writing prompts
  • Options for students to leave comments on the articles
  • Audio versions of the articles

All of these sites are free, although some may require you to register to log in, or to provide your students with a code to access the articles. Some of the sites also have paid versions with additional features, but all provide at least access to the articles at no cost.

This list is certainly not complete, so please feel free to share your suggestions in the comments below for additional sources for articles that should be added.

Note: The list is arranged alphabetically, not by order of preference.

#1 - CommonLit
Website -
This site has a free collection of fiction and nonfiction for 3rd-12th grade classrooms, searchable by lexile, grade, theme, genre, literary device, or common core standard.

#2 - DOGOnews
Website -
Current event articles covering news, science, social studies, world events, environment, sports, and more.

#3 - KidsPost
Website -
This site is from the Washington Post, with articles specifically written for students.

#4 - KiwiKids News
Website -
This site is from New Zealand but provides excellent articles on world events as well as general interest topics.

#5 - Learn With News
Website -
Current event articles, each written at three different reading levels, including resources for difficult words, activities, vocabulary practice, conversation questions, and more.

#6 - NY Times Article of the Day
Website -
This site takes one New York Times article per day and pairs it with detailed questions for pre-reading, discussion, and writing.

#7 - News For Kids
Website -
Daily updated with articles covering world news, science, sports, arts, and more.

#8 - Newsela
Website -
This is one of the best known sites for student articles, with each article written at five different reading levels.

#9 - ReadWorks
Website -
Thousands of passages including articles, paired texts, fiction and nonfiction, and more.

#10 - Science News for Students
Website -
Science, health and technology news stories and features, aimed at readers 9 to 14 years old.

#11 - Student Daily News
Website -
Content for students including a daily news article, world events, editorials, and more,

#12 - Teaching Kids News
Website -
This site provides current event news articles for students in grades 2 through 8, along with thinking questions and discussion prompts.

#13 - Time for Kids
Website -
News and articles from Time, written for students K through 6th grade. Some articles include versions in multiple reading levels.

#14 - TweenTribune
Website -
Each article is written at four different reading levels so the content can be used K-12.

#15 - Wonderopolis
Website -
This site has a new article posted each day answering an intriguing question.

#16 - Youngzine
Website -
This site is updated weekly with news articles aimed at upper elementary through high school students.

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