Friday, May 1, 2020

The "Control Alt Achieve" Book is Here!

I am so excited to announce the release of my book "Control Alt Achieve: Rebooting Your Classroom with Creative Google Projects"! The book is available as of today on Amazon and other online book sellers.

This book is all about creative ways to use the Google tools you already have to engage your students in projects that are fun, practical, and valuable.

  • For example, Google Docs is a great word processor, but it can also be used to create blackout poetry, emoji writing, or Choose Your Own Adventure stories.
  • Yes Google Slides is a presentation tool, but students can also use it to make stop-motion animation, comic strips, and drag-and-drop activities. 
  • We all know Google Sheets is a great spreadsheet tool, but it can also allow students to make online games, pixel art, and random writing prompts.
  • And Google Drawings may be made for creating diagrams, but it is also great for interactive posters, making memes, and educational math manipulatives. 

See below for more details, links, and a short video...

In the book I provide step-by-step, easy to follow directions to use these common tools in uncommon ways to transform the learning in your classroom. Whether you are new to technology and looking to learn along with your students, or have been using Google tools for years and want to try new and innovative uses, "Control Alt Achieve" is full of dozens and dozens of ready-to-use activities to reboot your classroom.

You can order the book today on Amazon at:

I am so excited for this book to be available, and can't wait to hear the amazing things your students create with these projects and ideas!

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