Monday, February 1, 2021

Rainbow "Scratch-Off" Drawing Templates for Jamboard

When my kids were young, one of their favorite art activities was using rainbow scratch paper to create pictures or to write words. It is a fun way to be creative and is motivating to discover the colorful pattern underneath.

With that as an inspiration, I created a digital version of rainbow scratch paper using Google Jamboard. Actually I created a dozen templates, each with a different rainbow pattern underneath!

See below for links to the templates, along with a short 4-minute video and written directions on how your students can use these Jamboard templates to create some awesome rainbow art. And  I would love to see what they make, so please feel free to share their creations online and tag with the hashtag #controlaltachieve

Tutorial Video (4 minutes)

Get the Templates

Click on any of the links below to get a copy of the templates. When you click the link, you will then click the "Make a copy" button to get your own copy of the Jamboard file.

Here are the different rainbow patterns for each template:

Using the Rainbow Drawing Jamboard Template

When you make a copy of one of the templates you will get a Jamboard file with two frames.
  • The first frame has the directions which explained below.
  • The second frame is the scratch canvas that you will use for drawing.

Once we have a copy of the Jamboard template, here is how to use it:
  • First we will click the arrow at the top of the Jam to move to the second frame.
  • Now we will select the "Eraser" tool from the floating toolbar on the left.
  • Next we will use the eraser to "draw" or "write" on the canvas.
  • As we do this it will erase the top layer and reveal the rainbow pattern underneath.
  • The pattern will depend on which template you copy as each one has a different rainbow image in the background. You can try out each of the templates to explore the patterns.

  • At any point we can click on the "Share" button in the top right to share our rainbow drawing with others so they can work on it with us.
  • And when we are done we can download a copy by clicking the three-dots button in the top right and choosing "Save frame as image".

Bonus: Set Your Own Background

If you want to go further, a fun option is to change the background to a different image of your choice.
  • You can do this by clicking "Set background" at the top of the Jam.
  • Then clicking the "Image" button from the drop down menu.
  • Now you can upload an image, or search for an image to use as the background.

Bonus: How the Template Works

If you are interested in how this template works, here are the basics.
  • Jamboard has several tools to create with, including the drawing tools, sticky notes, shapes, and textboxes.
  • It turns out that the drawing tools, which include the pen, marker, highlighter, and brush, are special.
  • Whatever we draw with the drawing tools will always be on top of anything else on the canvas.
  • So what I did to make the template was to use the marker tool to draw all over the entire canvas in white. (Yes, this took a very long time!)
  • Now anything that gets added to the canvas, such as a rainbow background, will automatically be behind the giant white area I drew with the marker.
  • All we have to do now is use the eraser tool to remove parts of what I drew with the marker, and we will see the image underneath it.

And that's it! I hope you and your students have fun creating with these rainbow "scratch-off" drawing templates for Jamboard. I would love to see what your students make, or new twists you put on this project!

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  1. Is there a fast way for a student to re-use their virtual paper other then hitting the undo button a hundred times when they are finished a drawing and want to start again?

  2. love these! Plan to use them as incentives now that we have begun our testing review.

  3. Eric, this is seriously awesome. I can't wait to look at your other resources!
    :-) RH

  4. Thank you very much for this! I also can not wait to see what other things you create!

  5. Thanks so much for sharing! This is awesome!