Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Free Webinar - Math Whiteboard

Math Whiteboard is a fantastic free interactive whiteboard tool designed specifically for teaching and learning math

I had the privilege to host a free one-hour webinar with Donald Carney, one of the creators of this tool. 

The webinar was streamed live on YouTube, but was also recorded, so if you missed the live stream you can still watch the recorded session.

See below to watch the video, and to read more about the features of this awesome tool for math.

Recorded Webinar (1 hour)

About Math Whiteboard

You can check out the tool at: https://www.mathwhiteboard.com/

Key features include:

  • Totally free!
  • Collaborative - Share the same collaborative math work space with your students
  • Write or type math - Math entry is easy with handwriting recognition or you can just type your mat
  • Runs in your browser - No installation required, it just runs in your browser on any device, ChromeBook, IPad, Windows Tablet, etc.
  • Computer algebra system - A full computer algebra system enables calculations from arithmetic to calculus
  • Import pdf files - You can make your pdf assignment files your background

Post by Eric Curts. Connect with me on Twitter at twitter.com/ericcurts 


  1. Awesome Resource, Love the graph integration and the swoop feature. This will definitely be my go to whiteboard. Thanks for always sharing

  2. Great tool for math, problem solving, and interactive graphs! ,,,and online collaboration. Thanks for sharing.