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EdTech Links of the Week - 4-30-24

Each week I keep an eye out for the latest edtech resources through blogs, social media, podcasts, videos, user groups, and more. I then try to reshare these resources in many ways.

One way I share these is here on the blog in these "EdTech Links of the Week" posts. See below to explore the latest batch of resources, and be sure to share with others who may benefit.

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And as always, please let me know of any resources that you recommend. I would love to learn from you!

This week I have 3 resources from around the Internet and 4 resources from my blog.

🖼️ Twin Pics AI
  • Here is another game that can help anyone practice their AI prompting.
  • Each day the site provides a new image, and your goal is to write an AI prompt with 100 characters or less to match the image as closely as possible.
  • The closer your generated image is to the original, the higher your score.
  • In addition to your score, you also get written feedback on how similar your image was.
  • Great game for students to improve text-to-image prompting skills.

🖥️ Vivi
  • Vivi for Teachers is a free web-based app for your students to share their screens in class.
  • You give your students a link and a code to let them join your "virtual classroom".
  • Students can request to share their screen wirelessly, and you can grant them permission, and then they can share their work from their seat easily and seamlessly. 
  • Students also have a built-in virtual whiteboard they can use to work out problems.

☑️ EventForm
  • EventForm is a new free Add-on for Google Forms from the folks who created Flubaroo and Certify'em (two classic Add-ons that I have shared in the past).
  • EventForm turns a Google Form into a powerful tool to manage event registrations and does the following:
  • Provides a website to advertise your event
  • Creates and manages a Google Calendar for your event.
  • Automatically sends registration and reminder emails.
  • Makes it easy to review and manage attendee status.
  • Lets you enforce event options such as a max capacity, waitlist, registration window, and more.
  • Automatically sends a post-event email to your attendees.

🕹️ Week of AI
  • I am super excited to be presenting sessions again for this year's "Week of AI" from May 13th to May 18th!
  • This is a week of free AI professional development from a wide range of amazing educators all on the topic of AI in education.
  • Get all the details at https://www.weekofai.ai/
  • And register here https://bit.ly/weekofai2024

📋 Rubric for Evaluating AI Tools for Schools
  • With so many AI tools available it can be a challenge to know which ones are right for your school.
  • To help with this I have created a "Rubric for Evaluating AI Tools in Education" which covers 18 essential criteria for assessing these products.
  • The rubric is freely available for anyone to use or modify as needed.

🔌 Chromebooks Unplugged

I recently had the chance to test drive a student Chromebook (the Acer 311 C723 provided by MediaTek) and wanted to give it a real-world evaluation, so I decided to use the Chromebook unplugged for an entire day, only running off of battery power. I then recorded short videos every couple of hours to document how the Chromebook battery was doing, and to demonstrate helpful features such as:
  • 🔑 Accessibility tools
  • ▶️ Screencast & Chrome Canvas
  • ⛏️ Android apps (including Minecraft)
  • 🎬 Video editing
  • ❌ Offline access
You can see how the Chromebook did in the final video linked above.

📰 What's New in Google - April 2024

For an easy way to catch up on everything new in Google for Education from the last month, check out the recorded video, detailed agenda, and all the links from the GEG-Ohio April 2024 Meeting. As usual we shared lots of news, updates, helpful ideas and resources for schools.

Post by Eric Curts
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