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Google Tools for Video PD

Session Description: How can you possibly provide PD to all of your staff when there is only one of you and hundreds of them? Thankfully Google tools can be used for a simple, free option to create, provide, and track video PD. At SPARCC we offer weekly EdTech webinars which have been viewed tens of thousands of times by educators all over the world. Learn how we are using Google tools to create a free, complete video PD system, and how you can too. Tools include Hangouts for the webinars; YouTube for archiving the videos; Forms for registration, evaluation, and post-assessments; Add-ons for mail-merge notifications and auto-generated certificates of completion; Docs for live Q&A; Sites to organize all the session resources; and more

Session Resources:
 Slideshow - "Google Tools for Video PD" - Google Slides link
Templates and other resources
 Our recorded webinars - Website link
 Our upcoming webinars - Website link
 Webinar Checklist - Google Document link
 Webinar Details Generator Google Sheet - Google Sheets link
 Webinar Header Template - Google Drawings link
 Webinar Posting Image Template - Google Drawings link
 Webinar Registration Template Sheet - Google Sheets link
 Yet Another Mail Merge Add-on - Sheets Add-on link
 Webinar Registration Email Template - Google Document link
 Webinar Chat Doc Template - Google Document link
 Webinar Evaluation Form Template - Google Sheet link
 Webinar Quiz Template - Google Sheet link
 Autocrat merge settings - Google Document link
 Webinar Certificate Template - Google Document link
 Webinar Failed Email Template - Google Document link
 Copydown Add-on - Sheets Add-on link
 Autocrat Add-on - Sheets Add-on link


  1. Eric, thanks for the great session today and all of the shared resources!

  2. Thanks for sharing! Planning to demo on a small scale later this week.

  3. Eric, Great Presentation -- I was interrupted several times during your presentation so I have to go back to not only see it again, but also to look at the great resources you have provided.