Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Check Out the "Check This Out" Podcast

Podcasts are one of my favorite ways to stay up to date on the latest educational technology news, resources, and ideas. I can listen to them when driving, mowing the lawn, or exercising (if/when that actually happens).

Currently I subscribe to dozens of EdTech podcasts, but one of my favorites is the "Check This Out" podcast by Brian Briggs and Ryan O'Donnell. They do a fantastic job of sharing creative ways to use technology in schools, while always making the podcasts fun to listen to.

Recently I had the honor and pleasure of being a guest on episode 60 of the podcast. It was a great opportunity to chat with the guys about creative uses for Google tools (of course) as well as other ways to stay caught up on EdTech ideas and resources.

You can listen to the recording here: Check This Out Episode 60

You can also access the show notes with all the links and resources discussed in the episode here: Google Docs Show Notes

While you are at it, be sure to subscribe to the podcast to never miss an episode (and even catch up on older ones)
Thanks again so much to Brian and Ryan for having me on!

And a special thanks to Brian for making this awesome image for my answer to "If you were like Tom Hanks and stranded on an Island, what Google app would be your Wilson?"

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  1. I learnt about podcasts yesterday and they are great tools even in assessment. Thanks for enlightening me further

  2. Thanks for sharing this podcast. I'm always looking for good ones as I am on the road an hour each day during the work week. Congrats on being featured on episode 60.

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