Sunday, January 10, 2021

New Online Video Course - Canvases for Design: Google Drawings and Jamboard

I am excited to announce a new online video course that I have created through Kiker Learning, called "Canvases for Design: Google Drawings and Jamboard"!

This course covers how you and your students can create, design, diagram, brainstorm, collaborate with others, and more, using Google Drawings and Jamboard.

In this course we take a look at both of these tools and learn all about the features they provide. Then we explore exciting projects that our students can complete with these tools including: graphic organizers, desktop publishing, interactive images, green screen images, math activities, and much much more.

See below for all the details on the course and how it can be accessed.

Course Details

Here is an outline of what is covered in this video course:

  • Course Overview
Google Drawings
  • Google Drawings Overview
  • Graphic Organizers
  • Desktop Publishing
  • Interactive Images
  • Green Screen Images
  • Math Activities
  • Additional Resources
  • Jamboard Overview
  • Jamboard Activities

Course Access

The course can be accessed through the Kiker Learning Teachable website at:

Here you will find the courses I have created, as well as the course created by the rest of the Kiker Learning team. At the moment there are 12 courses total in the catalog.

The specific page for the "Canvases for Design: Google Drawings and Jamboard" course is at:

Course Pricing

Courses can be purchased one at a time, or as a full set of all 12 courses. Courses can be purchased by individuals, or can be purchased with bulk pricing by a school or entire district. A purchase provides access to the course(s) for one year from the time of purchase.

For purchase by individuals:
  • Cost per course = $49
  • Cost for entire package of 12 courses = $249

For bulk pricing for school or district purchase:

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