Tuesday, November 30, 2021

12 Days of Christmas - Guided Math Activity in Google Sheets

The "12 Days of Christmas" is a famous Christmas carol that most everyone sings, but not everyone finishes! In addition to being a classic wintertime song, it also contains a lot of opportunities for exploring math concepts.

Some of the math concepts that could be covered include addition, number patterns, number series, representing numbers in a chart, drawing conclusions from a chart, and more.

To help students explore these ideas, I have created a Google Sheets template that guides them through several tasks and questions about the "12 Days of Christmas". Since this is a Google Sheet, the activity also helps students learn about spreadsheet skills such as entering data, creating formulas, making and editing charts, and more.

See below to get your own copy of this Google Sheet template, along with a short tutorial video and some written directions to get you and your students started. And apologies in advance if the tune gets stuck in your head!

▶️ Tutorial video (4 minutes)

You can also view this video on YouTube at:

📄 Get a copy of the template

This activity is created with Google Sheets. You or your students can get a copy of the template by clicking the link below. 

Your students can click this link to get their own copy, or you can use Google Classroom to push out a copy of the template to each of your students.

✅ Directions

The Google Sheet template consists of two tabs:
  • The "Directions" tab contains all of the step-by-step guided instructions for the students to follow and complete.
  • The "Data" tab has the "12 Days of Christmas" grid where the students will fill in the data for each present and day, as well as create formulas and charts to analyze the data.

The "Directions" tab is designed to serve as a guided activity to walk the students through the project. On that tab the students will see the following types of sections:

🛠️ Tasks - There are 4 tasks for the student to complete for the project.

🤔 Questions - There are 12 questions for the student to answer as they work through the activity.

✔️ Directions - These sections will have the instructions for the students to follow.

✍️ Your answer - These sections are where the students can type in their responses to the tasks or questions.

Click for help - These sections will display some hints or guidance if the student needs some help. The student simply clicks the checkmark box in one of these sections, and then the information will appear.

🎯 Click for answer - These sections will give a detailed solution to a question if the student clicks the checkmark box. This can be used if the student is stuck, or if they simply want to check their own answer.

🏁 Conclusion

Hopefully you and your students find this activity as a fun seasonal way to explore some math concepts, while also learning spreadsheet skills.

Also this is the first time I have developed an activity in this guided format, and I would love to get your feedback and suggestions for improvement.

For more winter-themed activities, take a look at my post from a few years back on "Googley Wintertime Activities for Kids".

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