Tuesday, November 2, 2021

Google Docs Calendar Templates for the 2022-2023 School Year

Last year I created some Google Docs templates for a colleague who was looking for a simple one-page document to show important calendar dates for an entire school year. The templates were a big hit and many people found them to be helpful.

Although it still feels like the school year has just gotten started, I have received several emails lately from folks asking if I have made a version for next year ... the 2022-2023 school year.

So for all of you super organized people who are already planning for the next school year, I am happy to say, yes, I have versions for 2022-2023. See below for the links to get your own copies of these templates, as well as some basic directions on how to edit them for your own use.

Calendar Templates

There are two templates, including a 12-month version, and an 11-month version since sometimes schools don't have much in July and the extra space can be useful for additional information. To get a copy of either template, use the links below.

Template Layout

The document is set up with one big table that is 4 columns wide and 6 rows tall. The table itself is invisible because I set the border width to zero.

  • The first column has space for you to type in event details for the first six months.
  • The second column displays the calendars for August through January.
  • The third column displays the calendars for February through July.
  • The fourth column has space for you to type in event details for the last six months.

Note: The 11-month version of the template does not include July, so you have extra space in the bottom right to add more information.

Editing the Templates

Once you have your own copy of either template, you can edit them as any normal Google Document.

Event Details

  • Click in the cells in the first or fourth columns to type in event details for each of the months.
  • At the current font size, you can fit in nine rows of text for each month.
  • Of course feel free to change the text formatting and size however you want.

Event Colors

  • You can color in the corresponding dates on the calendars in columns two and three.
  • Simply click on the date you want to select that cell.
  • Then click the "Background color" button in the top toolbar (it looks like a paint can) and choose the color you want to fill the date cell with.
  • You can also remove a color by choosing "Transparent" as the background color choice.

Sharing the Calendar

Since the template is a Google Document you can share the final product in all the normal ways.

  • You can share the live version of the document by clicking the "Share" button and sharing with specific people or as a link.
  • You can download a PDF version of the calendar by clicking "File" then "Download" then "PDF document".
  • Or of course you can print the document.

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  1. Thank you, Eric. This has been very helpful in planning for the school year ahead.