Thursday, February 3, 2022

Podcast Spotlight: EduTechGuys

When I attended FETC 2022 in Orlando last week, I had the privilege of being a guest on "The EduTechGuys Podcast". 

The hosts, David Henderson and Jeff Madlock, spent the week conducting over 60 interviews with conference presenters and other amazing educational technology leaders.

David and Jeff describe their podcast as:

"EduTechGuys is a high-intensity rollercoaster ride of super fun which takes mortal form in the two distinct entities which are David Henderson and Jeff Madlock. Crafted in the fires of Mt. Wannahockaluggie, these two self-proclaimed high priests of edtech first started navigating the world of educational technology on the web through a podcast, over a ravine in a rainstorm in 2015 (Sharkbait, ooh ha ha). Since then the two have traveled the nation bringing their joy for silly puns and more importantly sharing the journey of each educator they encounter."

See below to listen to my 12-minute episode with them, where of course I discussed all things Googley, and you can also access all 60+ interviews they did this year at FETC.

Listen to my episode

You can listen to the episode I did with the EduTechGuys on their Anchor.FM site linked below:

Or with the embedded player here:

Listen to all the FETC22 episodes

You can listen to their 60+ interviews from FETC22 (and other conferences) with amazing folks such as Joe & Kristin Merrill, Keven Rinaman, Monica Burns, Jon Spike, Micah Shippee, Jesse Lubinsky, John Sowash, and so many, many more here:

Connect with The EduTechGuys Podcast

And for all of the regular podcast episodes and other resources, be sure to connect with and check out the following links:

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