Wednesday, August 24, 2022

Podcast Spotlight: The Good Life EDU

I recently had the pleasure to be a guest on "The Good Life EDU Podcast". 

Anyone who knows me, knows how much I love podcasts and am always mentioning something new I learned from one of them, so I was super excited to come across another great show to add to my subscriptions.

The podcast is hosted by Andrew Easton from Omaha, Nebraska, and is described as follows:
The Good Life EDU Podcast is dedicated to discussing all things education in the state of Nebraska and across the US. This program is presented by the Nebraska Educational Service Unit's Coordinating Council.
During this episode we chatted about loads of topics including:
  • The changes in Educational Technology over time
  • The new Google Screencast tool
  • How to stay up date on what's new in EdTech
  • A few of my favorites new tools
  • What GEG-Ohio is all about
  • A reminder for EdTech folks to be nice
Take a look below to listen to the episode, access the resources, and explore more of the podcast.

🔊 Listen to the Episode

You can listen to the episode and access links to the resources we discussed on the episode webpage at:

You can also explore all of the other episodes from the podcast on the main page for the show at:

Post by Eric Curts
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