Sunday, August 6, 2023

EdTech Playground Sessions for 2023-2024

I am excited to once again be presenting an "EdTech Playground" for the Teacher Innovation Network this year! Last year my session was about "Mote for Multilingual Learners". This year I will be doing a session about accessibility.

The great things about the EdTech Playgrounds are:
  • They are FREE!
  • They are streamed live
  • The recordings can be viewed later
  • They are open to anyone
See below for the full list of EdTech Playground sessions for this year, as well as details on how to register. I look forward to learning with you!

💡 About the EdTech Playgrounds

The "EdTech Playgrounds" are hosted by the Teacher Innovation Network, and are described as follows:

What's an EdTech Playground?

A chance to discover fresh EdTech tools and how to choose the right one for your classroom. 

It can be challenging to determine which EdTech tools are right for your classroom. At each EdTech Playground, fellow educators and industry leaders will share their top tips for using EdTech in the classroom. 

You'll then have an opportunity to play with and explore the tools in self-selected breakout rooms. If you're new to a tool, you'll receive targeted support to help get you started. Experienced users will collaborate around a shared project or challenge and/or learn advanced tips for using the tool. 

Then we come back together to share and connect!

🗓️ EdTech Playground Schedule

All sessions run from 3:30 to 5:00pm (Pacific Time) or 6:30 to 8:00pm (Eastern Time). Below is the schedule of sessions for the 2023-2024 school year:
  • August 8 - "It All Adds Up: Getting Your Math Year Started off Right!" - Lisa Nowakowski & Jeremiah Ruesch
  • September 12 - "Artificial Intelligence in Education" - Joe Marquez & Sam Kary
  • November 7 - "Student Voice & Choice" - Rushton Hurley & Ed Campos
  • January 30 - "About Accessibility" - Katherine Goyette & Eric Curts (my session!)
  • March 26 - TBD
  • May 14 - TBD

✅ Registration

All EdTech Playground sessions are free to attend for everyone. You only need to register once for the entire year of sessions. You can register using the link below:


Post by Eric Curts
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