Thursday, October 5, 2023

Google Docs Calendar Templates for the 2024-2025 School Year

A couple years ago I created some Google Docs templates for a colleague who was looking for a simple one-page document to show important calendar dates for an entire school year. The templates were a big hit and many people found them to be helpful.

Although it still feels like the school year has just gotten started, I have already received emails from folks asking if I have made a version for next year ... the 2024-2025 school year.

So for all of you super organized people who are already planning for the next school year, I am happy to say, yes, I have versions for 2024-2025. See below for the links to get your own copies of these templates, as well as some basic directions on how to edit them for your own use.

📆 Calendar Templates

There are three templates, including a 12-month version and an 11-month version and a 10-month version. Since sometimes schools don't have much in June or July and the extra space can be useful for additional information. To get a copy of any of these templates, use the links below.

📄 Template Layout

The document is set up with one big table that is 4 columns wide and 6 rows tall. The table itself is invisible because I set the border width to zero.

  • The first column has space for you to type in event details for the first six months.
  • The second column displays the calendars for August through January.
  • The third column displays the calendars for February through July.
  • The fourth column has space for you to type in event details for the last six months.

Note: The 11-month version of the template does not include July, and the 10-month version does not include June or July, so you have extra space at the bottom to add more information.

✏️ Editing the Templates

Once you have your own copy of either template, you can edit them as any normal Google Document.

Event Details

  • Click in the cells in the first or fourth columns to type in event details for each of the months.
  • At the current font size, you can fit in nine rows of text for each month.
  • Of course feel free to change the text formatting and size however you want.

Event Colors

  • You can color in the corresponding dates on the calendars in columns two and three.
  • Simply click on the date you want to select that cell.
  • Then click the "Background color" button in the top toolbar (it looks like a paint can) and choose the color you want to fill the date cell with.
  • You can also remove a color by choosing "Transparent" as the background color choice.

🖨️ Sharing the Calendar

Since the template is a Google Document you can share the final product in all the normal ways.

  • You can share the live version of the document by clicking the "Share" button and sharing with specific people or as a link.
  • You can download a PDF version of the calendar by clicking "File" then "Download" then "PDF document".
  • Or of course you can print the document.

Post by Eric Curts
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