Thursday, October 5, 2017

24 Tips for Google Forms Quizzes

Google Forms has come along way over the last few years! First it received a major face lift from "Old Forms" to "New Forms", and then it got the Quiz feature to auto-grade online assessments, and now Google continues to add new options and features each month.

So much has changed over the last few years, I thought it was time to make a new version of my webinar on "Google Forms for Online Assessments". In my new training I cover (at least) 24 tips and tricks for getting the most out of the new features in Google Forms for when you make online quizzes for your students. These include questions with multiple right answers, open-ended questions, extra credit, assistive tech tools for students taking the quiz, importing scores into Classroom, and much more.

See below for a full list of the 24 tips that get covered in the webinar. You will also find the recorded video from the training which you can watch to see each and every one of these tips demonstrated for you. Even if you have been using Forms for a while, I hope you learn something new!

Video Training (1 Hour)

Tips Covered in the Webinar

Adding different types of questions:
  • How to add multiple choice quiz questions
  • How to add checkbox quiz questions
  • How to add short answer quiz questions with more than one right answer (also see my earlier blog post for more details)
  • How to add an image to a quiz question
  • How to add images to the answers of a quiz question
  • How to add video to go along with a quiz question
  • How to add open-response paragraph questions
  • How to add extra credit questions

Quiz settings:
  • Collecting email addresses
  • Requiring school login
  • Limiting to one response
  • Enabling the quiz feature
  • Shuffling questions
  • Shuffling answers in a question
  • Changing the theme
  • Setting preference to make all questions required

Assistive tech for students taking a quiz:

Grading and feedback:
  • How to provide global feedback to students per question
  • How to provide individualized feedback for just a single student per question
  • How to grade an open-response paragraph question (also see my earlier blog post for more details)
  • How to give partial credit for checkbox questions
  • How to grade extra credit questions
  • How to import grades into Classroom

Plus several other odds and ends…

p.s. - Be sure to check out my other free webinars if you liked this one and would like to learn more about other Google topics.

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  1. Is there a way to allow a student to GO BACK and FINISH a Quiz in Google Forms

  2. Eric, thank you so much for sharing your webinar. I loved it and I will be sharing it with the teachers in my district.