Friday, December 1, 2017

The 12 Days of Tech-Mas 2017

With the holiday season here, I am excited to share some of my favorite things in educational technology!

I will be doing this in a series of blog posts throughout the month of December that I am calling "The 12 Days of Tech-Mas".

Each blog post will provide a list of useful resources corresponding to the number of that entry, from 1 through 12.

See below for options on how to access each entry for "The 12 Days of Tech-Mas".

You can check out each of the entries in several ways:
  • In this post - As I release each new entry, I will add a new link to a growing list below in this post
  • On the blog - Each post will appear as a normal entry on the blog
  • Through the image below - If you click on the image below it will open an interactive Google Drawing with links for each of the 12 posts as they get released

(Click the image above or click this link: 12 Days of Tech-Mas Google Drawing link)

The 12 Days of Tech-Mas 2017

On the 12th day of Tech-Mas my true love gave to me...

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  1. Eric,
    Great concept for this time of year! I have recently blogged for #blogamonth and your topic fits so nicely too. Consider cross-posting to:

  2. I was looking for something like this for my teachers this year. Eric, you continue to be the best resource out there! THANK YOU!

    1. Thanks so much Lancy! I am so glad the resources are helpful!