Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Video Series: How to Use Google Hangouts Meet

Google Hangouts Meet is an easy but powerful tool for video conferencing. With Meet you can connect with other people using any device including a PC, Mac, Chromebook, smart phone, or tablet. While in the video conference you can chat, share your screen, turn on closed captioning, and even record the meeting.

Google Hangouts Meet is a great tool for schools for remote instruction, after-hours help, virtual parent meetings, bringing an expert into class, connecting with other classes around the world, or recording lessons.

To help schools make the most out of Meet, I have put together a series of videos on how to use this tool. My goal for these videos is to keep them as short as possible, and have each one cover just a few topics. This way users can find just the information they need and can watch it quickly.

I plan to continue adding more videos to this series, so please let me know what Google Meet topics or questions you would like me to address in a future video. See below for the current list of my Hangouts Meet help videos.

Google Hangouts Meet Help Videos

You can use the links below to open each video on YouTube, or scroll further down to watch any of the videos embedded in this blog post.

  • Google Meet: How to Start a Video Meeting (3 minutes) - YouTube link
  • Google Meet: How to Invite People to a Video Meeting (5 minutes) - YouTube link
  • Google Meet: How to Join a Video Meeting (4 minutes) - YouTube link
  • Google Meet: Basic Use and Features (7 minutes) - YouTube link
  • Google Meet: How to Record a Google Meet (7 minutes) - YouTube link
  • Google Meet: Grid View Extension (6 minutes) - YouTube link

How to Start a Google Meet (3 minutes)

How to Invite People to a Google Meet (5 minutes)

How to Join a Google Meet (4 minutes)

Basic Use and Features of Google Meet (7 minutes)

How to Record a Google Meet (7 minutes)

How to View All Participants with the Grid View Extension (6 minutes)

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  1. These have been so useful, thanks. Like many teachers round the world am needing to upskill pretty quickly!

  2. These videos are nice and clear but you may want to add the new information about using NICKNAMES to set up and invite to the meeting so that meeting participants will not be able to re-join nicknamed meetings once the final participant has left. This is a brand-new feature that is really helpful to ensure students aren't using the rooms unsupervised, but it only works if the meeting is set up and accessed using the nickname (which can be done both in calendar or through joining at the website).

  3. Brilliantly done! So very helpful & easy to understand! Thank you for sharing!

  4. So, MathLadyRI, does this mean if you share the link in Google Classroom that the students are able to rejoin at any point- even if the teacher is the last one to leave?

  5. So, MathLadyRI, are you saying if I post in Google Classroom the LINK, students can rejoin even if I am the last one to leave the room?

  6. Thanks Eric, your tutorials will be quit usefull for our school, It is great material!

  7. Many thanks. Nice one. Very useful.

  8. Hi and thanks so much for these videos. What do you use to record these videos? I am looking at screencast-o-matic, but just wondered what you used. I love the zoom feature, tile screen, etc.

  9. This was super explicit and helpful, thank you.

  10. Thank you so much for these videos. They are simple, concise, and incredibly helpful.