Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Screencastify for Remote Teaching

With the COVID-19 situation, many schools around the world are out of session, with students learning from home and educators teaching remotely. There are so many wonderful resources being shared for schools to use during this time.

As much as possible it would be wonderful to maintain as much continuity as we can with our students and their learning. One great way to do this is for teachers to record themselves teaching and share those videos with their students.

There are many excellent tools for making instructional videos, but one good example is Screencastify. This is a free Chrome web extension that records your screen, microphone, and/or webcam, saves the video to your Google Drive, and makes it easy to share the recording with others. I have shared about this tool many times on this blog, but thought it would be helpful to make a video specifically for the COVID-19 situation. Since we are all so overwhelmed at the moment, I made the video as short as I could, just about 12 minutes long, so educators can learn everything they need as quickly as possible.

See below for the video, as well as some additional resources and information about Screencastify. And as always, please feel free to share with others who may benefit!


Podcast Version: (Subscribe on Apple PodcastsGoogle Podcasts, or your favorite podcast tool.)

Video Version: (subscribe on YouTube)

NOTE: During the COVID-19 situation, Screencastify is offering the full, unlimited version of their product for free through at least April 30th for educators impacted by school closures. They are asking educators (preferably admins so they can share with their school community) to contact them at for instructions. More details can also be seen in their recent post here:

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  1. Thank you. This demo was very helpful

  2. Easy to use! Works well! Have used it several times during this little "break."

  3. Thank you! Sharing with my colleagues. Our corporation purchased Screencastify for our teaching staff.