Thursday, October 15, 2020

Breakout Room Alternatives for Google Meet

Google Meet has an awesome built-in feature for Breakout Rooms, but unfortunately that is only available for people who are using the Enterprise version of G Suite, which means schools that pay for the Google tools. If your school uses the Enterprise version, then be sure to check out my other post and video that explains how to use the official Breakout Rooms feature here: Google Meet Breakout Rooms

However, if your school uses the free version of the Google tools, then the Breakout Rooms feature will not be available for you. So to help with this, I put together a quick 7-minute video to explain a workaround that will let you sort of make your own breakout rooms. Since this is just a workaround, it is not perfect, and it is not the only way this could be done, but it is a good option. This is just my suggestion for an alternative way to do Breakout Rooms, but please feel free to share your workarounds in the comments.

See below for the video and related resource links.

Tutorial Video (7 minutes)

Here is my quick 7-minute video on an alternative way to do Breakout Rooms in Google Meet:

Note: See all of my Google Meet help videos here:

Resource Links

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