Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Get the Most out of Google Meet

I recently had the privilege to present a session for Google's series of "Did You Know?" webinars. These are a collection of 8 sessions covering a wide range of Google tools for schools.

You can learn more about the entire "Did You Know?" series in my earlier blog post here: Free Google Webinars - "Did You Know" Series

For my third session I presented the following webinar:

Better engage students and save time with new Google Meet features
Description: New features in Google Meet can save educators time and increase students engagement. In this session we will explore options including breakout rooms, polls, Q&A, translated captions, recording, attendance tracking, live streaming, and more, as well as see new features coming soon to Google Meet.

See below to watch the recorded webinar, as well as access the session slideshow and resources.

▶️ Recorded Webinar (32 minutes)

🧰 Resources

⚡ Supercharge your Meet

  • Meetings can be recorded and saved to your Drive where they can be accessed, viewed, and shared later.

Live Streaming
  • Meetings can be viewed live by domain users without having to join the actual Meet.

  • Polls can be used to survey your attendees throughout the meeting.

  • Questions can be asked, upvoted, and organized in the meeting.

  • Jamboard can be used as an interactive, collaborative digital whiteboard in the Meet.

Breakout Rooms
  • Attendees can be split into breakout Meets where they can work in smaller groups.

Live Captions
  • Users can turn on closed captioning to see a live transcript of what all the attendees are saying.

Attendance Tracking
  • An attendance report with attendee details is sent to the Meet host after the meeting.

⚡ Features Coming Soon

Join and present from a document, spreadsheet, or presentation:

In-meeting reactions:

Picture-in-picture mode:

Livestream to YouTube:

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