Monday, December 5, 2022

EdTech Links of the Week - 12-5-22

Each week I keep an eye out for the latest edtech resources through blogs, social media, podcasts, videos, user groups, and more. I then try to reshare these resources in many ways.

One way I share these is here on the blog in these "EdTech Links of the Week" posts. See below to explore the latest batch of resources, and be sure to share with others who may benefit.

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And as always, please let me know of any resources that you recommend. I would love to learn from you!

This week I have 5 new resources from around the Internet and 3 new resources from my blog.

▶️ Recorded Video

You can watch the recorded live stream where I demonstrate the resources and go into more detail on each one.

Or you can watch the video on YouTube where I have added time stamps in the description so you can jump directly to the spots in the video where I talk about each link:

Future live streams will usually be on Monday evenings at 7pm EST. The next schedule live stream in Monday, December 12, 2022 at 7pm EST. You can always get the exact time, as well as links to the live streams for YouTube, Facebook, and LinkedIn at:

New resources from around the Internet...

🕹️ Jerry Lawson History & Game Making Tool

  • This Google Doodle honors Jerry Lawson, one of the first black engineers to work in the video game industry.
  • The Doodle lets you:
  • Learn about Jerry
  • Play 5 different games
  • Create and share your own video games

💯 Arithmetic Game

  • Free math facts speed drill with options for:
  • Addition, subtraction, division & multiplication
  • Number range of the problems
  • Duration from 30 to 600 seconds

🎧 GZM Classroom

  • Free serialized audio dramas and other shows
  • Aimed at middle grade students
  • With teacher resources including listening guides, explore board, and choice boards
  • Shows include Six Minutes, Tomorrow, Treasure Island 2020, Mars Patel, Young Ben, The Rez, and more
  • Available on the website, or as podcasts, or on YouTube

🖱️ Tumber

  • Free Chrome extension to add numbers to your tabs
  • Makes it easier to use Ctrl 1-8 or Cmd 1-8 to jump to tabs
  • Right click on extension or window to choose Tumber options
  • Choose "Toggle Current" to toggle tab numbers for current window
  • Choose "Toggle All" to toggle tab numbers for all windows
  • Choose "Self destruct" to have tab numbers disappear after a few seconds
  • Tabs are only numbered up to 8 as there are only shortcuts for the first 8 tabs
  • Tab numbers cannot be shown on Chrome tabs such as the New Tab Page or Settings

🏙️ Metroverse

  • Interactive site from Harvard to visualize economic data and learn about cities including:
  • What is the economic composition of my city?
  • How does my city compare to cities around the globe?
  • What are my city's growth paths for the future?

And new resources from "Control Alt Achieve"...

    Day 1 for my "12 Days of Chrome-mas" is all about pinning tabs
    • How to pin a tab
    • The Benefits of pinning tabs
    • How to unpin a tab
    Watch the short video and see the written directions in the blog post linked above.

    Be sure to follow along with all "12 Days of Chrome-mas" throughout December at:

    🧊 8 Googley Wintertime Activities for Kids

    Check out my collection of Googley projects that are fun, tie into wintertime themes, and still provide our students with a chance to be creative, write, or improve some content area skills. They include:

    ⛄ - Build a Snowman with Google Slides
    🎄 - Decorate a Holiday Tree with Google Slides
    🧲 - Wintertime Magnetic Poetry with Google Drawings
    📬 - Holiday Greeting Cards with Google Drawings
    🎁 - "12 Days of Christmas" Guided Google Sheets Math Activity
    🌟 - Pixel Art Ornaments with Google Sheets
    ❄️ - Wintertime Emoji Rebus Stories with Google Docs
    💡  - Holiday Lights Writing with Google Docs

    📰 What's New in Google for November 2022

    • For an easy way to catch up on everything new in Google for Education from the last month, check out the recorded video, detailed agenda, and all the links from the GEG-Ohio November 2022 Meeting.
    • As usual we shared lots of news, updates, helpful ideas and resources for schools.

    Post by Eric Curts
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