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Recorded Webinar - Guided Grading with AI

I recently had the pleasure to present sessions at the High Impact Conference for Educators, which is an event we put on through the Educational Service Center where I work. All of my sessions were recorded, and over time I hope to share several of the videos.

Please note that the recordings are a lot more casual than some of my other videos, as this is from an in-person conference with a room full of attendees, so there is some chatting and questions and such. Hopefully though you will still find the content helpful.

For this recording, this is the session:

The Future of Feedback - Guided Grading with AI
One of the biggest challenges in education is the time required to provide detailed feedback on student work. Thankfully we now have powerful AI tools that can generate personalized feedback for student work based on the guidelines, rubrics, and style we suggest. This can include feedback on student writing from short answers to full essays, as well as feedback on spoken student explanations. In this session we will explore AI feedback tools such as Class Companion, Snorkl, EnlightenAI, and more.

See below for the full recording, as well as the resources from the session. Please feel free to reach out with any questions, feedback, or suggestions you have on this topic.

▶️ Recorded Training (50 minutes)

🧰 Session Resources

👀 Overview

With generative AI every educator now has a 24-hour personal assistant. One of the ways AI can assist teachers is with grading and feedback.

However, rather than have the AI blindly grade student work, we will be exploring "Guided Grading". This is when the teacher provides additional content to direct the AI in the grading process such as:
  • Detailed rubric
  • Examples of different quality work
  • Samples of personalized feedback

80/20 Rule - Let AI do 80% of the work, but you still have your 20% to do.
  • Review, verify, and edit what the AI generated.
  • Include your personality, perspective, and knowledge of your students.

Benefits of Guided Grading include:
  • Time savings for teachers
  • Consistency and objectivity
  • Quicker feedback for students
  • Data analysis of results
  • Options for time-prohibitive forms of assessment (oral responses)

Considerations for Guided Grading include:
  • Need for quality guidance content
  • Potential bias in AI models
  • Objective versus subjective assignments
  • Data privacy concerns
  • Reducing opportunities to learn about the students

💬 Large Language Models (LLM)


Example prompt:

Using the rubric uploaded, grade this 8th grade persuasive writing assignment. Additionally provide suggestions for improvement written directly to the student in a friendly and helpful tone.

📓 NotebookLM

Resources - notebooklm.google.com - Blog post - Demo video (6 minutes)
  • Free AI-powered tool from Google to help you interact with and learn from your own documents
  • Create Notebooks with up to 50 sources (Docs, PDFs, text, Slides, URLs) in each
  • 500,000 words per source
  • Ask questions
  • Save notes
  • Generate new content

💡 EnlightenAI

Resources - enlightenme.ai - Blog post - Demo Video
  • EnlightenAI is an AI-powered tool to grade written student work based off of your style and guidance.
  • Create an assignment or import submissions from Google.
  • Grade a few student submissions to train the AI.
  • Review and edit AI generated feedback, modeled after yours.

✍️ Class Companion

Resources - classcompanion.com - Blog post - Demo video (11 minutes)
  • Class Companion is a free AI tool for instant, personalized feedback on written assignments. In short:
  • You create a written assignment from scratch, imported, from the library, or AI generated.
  • Students then write their response, including short answer, essay, or outline.
  • Students can type their response, or they can handwrite their response and then take a picture of their writing and submit it.
  • The AI assesses the student writing based on the rubric and instructions you provided.
  • The AI gives detailed personalized feedback to the student on their writing.
  • If allowed, the student then rewrites their response to improve it.
  • As needed, the students can ask the AI questions for clarification and assistance.

🤿 Snorkl

Resources - snorkl.app - Blog post - Demo video (12 minutes)
  • With Snorkl, students record and share their reasoning then receive instant AI-powered feedback to drive deep and meaningful learning.
  • Develop thinking and reasoning skills by giving students the tools to record their voice and visually represent their thinking on a simple whiteboard.
  • Students receive on-the-spot insights into their thinking and problem solving–which teachers can effortlessly review, edit, and expand.
  • Use AI scoring to comprehensively monitor class progress, skim through videos for insights, and gain an in-depth understanding of each student's thinking.
  • Snorkl Examples - student.snorkl.app/i1xdfc

Post by Eric Curts
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