The "Control Alt Achieve" Podcast 

The Control Alt Achieve podcast is an audio version of this blog. Whenever I add a new post to the blog, I will usually create a podcast episode to share the same content. Not every blog post may end up getting podcastified, and the audio version may be a little different than what is on the site, but for the most part I try to share most new content through the show as well.

In addition to new content, from time to time I will also dip back into my older blog posts and make an episode from those. Beyond that, there may even be some special episodes every now and then that share something completely unique to the podcast.

Whatever the content, I try to keep the episodes reasonably short, usually around 10 minutes or less. For any details I do not cover in the podcast, I simply direct folks back to the original blog post for more information.

How to Subscribe to the Podcast

You should be able to find and subscribe to the podcast using your favorite podcast app:

You can also view and play any or all of the podcast episodes by visiting my podcast page on Libsyn using the link below:

Providing Feedback

Of course I would love to get feedback from folks. If you have questions, comments, resources, or any other feedback to share, you can do so in several ways.
  • Leave comments below the blog post.
  • Leave comments on the YouTube video.
  • Leave a review in iTunes.
  • Tag me on Twitter with @ericcurts or hashtag with #controlaltachive
  • Send an email to eric@controlaltachieve.com

I will try to share comments from time to time, or use questions for future posts.

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