Friday, April 17, 2020

Give Remote Control in Google Meet with One Click!

Google Meet provides a lot of ways to interact with others in your meeting. You can see other people, and speak with them, and text chat with them, and present your screen to them. However, sometimes we need more interaction than that.

For example it would be great to be able to give remote control of your computer and mouse to another person in the meeting, or to take control of someone else's computer. This could be useful if you wanted your student to do an activity on your computer in a teletherapy session, or if you need to give or receive technology support.

Unfortunately Google Meet does not have a built-in option to give remote control over to another person. Thankfully Google has provided an incredibly simple tool that can be used right along with Google Meet to accomplish this. That tool is called Chrome Remote Desktop.

To help with this I have recorded a quick 11-minute video that explains this in detail by covering three topics:

  • First, how to install the Chrome Remote Desktop extension.
  • Second, the normal method for using this tool to give remote control of your computer and mouse to someone else
  • And third, a secret trick for a super easy and fast method to use this tool that will let even the youngest student control your mouse with a single click. That's right, just one click.

See below for the video...

Tutorial Video (11 minutes)

Here is my quick 11-minute video on how to give remote control of your computer and mouse to someone else in a Google Meet, or take remote control of their computer and mouse, for a teletherapy session or technology support or such.

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  1. Thank you, from a middle school photo teacher!
    With your instructions, you have helped me give an opportunity for a "remote learner" to be able to interact with our Photography class. I have the camera tethered to the computer, and she was able to shoot pictures in our studio, from home!