Tuesday, April 7, 2020

How to Keep Students from Starting or Recording a Meet

Google Hangouts Meet is a great tool for remote teaching and learning, but understandably schools may want to limit how students can use this tool. Certainly there are many other apps that students can use to connect with friends, and that is wonderful for them to do so.

However, when being used through school, it is common for schools to not want students to start their own Meets or record a Meet. Thankfully Google has settings that can manage these concerns.

To help with this, I have recorded a short 5-minute video that explains all the settings in the Admin Console that need adjusted to keep students from starting a Meet or recording a Meet.

Note: This video is for the tech administrators. If you are a teacher, I have a separate video on how you can keep students from joining a Meet without you, or rejoining a Meet after you have left, which you can find in my blog post "How to Keep Students from Joining or Rejoining a Google Meet without You".

See below for this quick help video...

Tutorial Video (5 minutes)

Here is my quick 5-minute video on the settings that need changed to prevent students from starting their own Google Meet or recording a Google Meet

Note: See all of my Google Meet help videos here:

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