Sunday, February 14, 2016

Learn about Presidents with Google Instant Search

This Presidents Day it is easier than ever to learn a little more about our Commanders in Chief. Google Search is always an excellent way to find information on any subject, producing a list of valuable related web links. However for certain topics, you don’t even have to click a link to get more information because Google Search provides that instantly with rich search results.

Simply run a Google search for “presidents” and you will get a thumbnail list of all the Presidents of the United States. You can click the left and right arrows to move back or forth through time.

If you want to learn more about any particular POTUS, just click on the thumbnail image. This will pop up an information card on that president with more information. Depending on the president you may find details including:

  • Images (with a link to more)
  • Brief bio (with a link to Wikipedia)
  • When and where they were born and died
  • When they served as president
  • Their vice president
  • Their spouse and children
  • Their political party
  • Their famous quotes
  • Other related people

More and more, Google is adding rich search results to give information with one less click. Examples of instant search results include word definitions, translations, unit conversions, calculations, nutrition information, movie times, and more.

For more details on such search options see Google help page at:

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