Sunday, February 25, 2024

Podcast Spotlight: Tech Unwreck

I recently had the pleasure to be a guest on the "Tech Unwreck" podcast.

Anyone who knows me, knows how much I love podcasts and am always mentioning something new I learned from one of them, so I was super excited to get to join an episode of this podcast.

The podcast is hosted by Nicky Acevedo from Vivacity Tech and is described as follows:

Tech Unwreck is a podcast for educators and technology experts in the K-12 space to learn, share, and grow in their knowledge. Hear from experts in their field about K-12 technology in the classroom and learn about new and exciting tools, classroom techniques, and more.

I had a wonderful time chatting with Nicky all about artificial intelligence in education including the AI tools currently available, the beneficial ways they can be used in schools, and ideas for addressing potential concerns..

Take a look below to listen to the episode, access the resources that I shared in the episode, and explore more about the podcast.

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Post by Eric Curts
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