Thursday, May 7, 2020

Remote Learning & Pear Deck Webinar

I recently had the privilege to provide a webinar for Pear Deck on how to use their tool for remote teaching and learning.

For those not familiar, Pear Deck is an awesome add-on for Google Slides that allows you to add interactive elements to your slideshows.When you run the slideshow through the Pear Deck add-on the students can join the presentation with a code and follow along slide by slide. As they do, the students can respond to interactive questions including multiple choice, text response, numeric response, drawing, and drag and drop. And all of these responses are collected for you as the teacher.

In the 1-hour webinar on "Remote Learning and Pear Deck" I went over the fundamentals of Pear Deck for asynchronous learning, showed how to create a Pear Deck activity in Google Slides, shared best practices, highlighted some favorite features, and answered lots of questions.

If you would like to watch the recorded video, you can access it below. In addition you can find all of my other Pear Deck blog posts, videos, and resources on this site at:

See below for the video...

Webinar Video (1 hour)

If you need a certificate of completion, Click here to copy it into your Drive, and please note that you will need to edit the date and name.

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