Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Get the Most out of Google Classroom

I recently had the privilege to present a session for Google's series of "Did You Know?" webinars. These are a collection of 8 sessions covering a wide range of Google tools for schools.

You can learn more about the entire "Did You Know?" series in my earlier blog post here: Free Google Webinars - "Did You Know" Series

For my second session I presented the following webinar:

Get the Most out of Google Classroom
Description: Learn how Google Classroom can supercharge your assignments with differentiation, topics, rubrics, originality reports, comment banks, digital markup, and more! Also get a look at the latest and greatest new features coming to Classroom.

See below to watch the recorded webinar, as well as access the session slideshow and resources.

▶️ Recorded Webinar (32 minutes)

🧰 Resources

⚡ Supercharge your Assignments

  • Assignments can be differentiated by the content provided, and by the students selected to receive the assignment.

Schedule to Multiple Classes
  • Assignments can now be scheduled for multiple classes with specific post dates, due dates, and topics per class.

Personalizing Topics
  • Emojis can be used in topic names to help students locate needed content.

Using Rubrics
  • Rubrics can be created, copied, or imported, and allow for more detailed assessment feedback.

Originality Reports
  • Students and teachers can do a plagiarism check on work.

Comment Bank
  • Commonly used feedback can be saved and copied from your Classroom comment bank.

Digital Markup
  • The mobile version of Classroom allows for digital annotation on assignments to provide more personalized feedback.

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