Friday, January 5, 2024

Join Me for Sequoia Con 2024

I am honored and excited to be providing a keynote session for Sequoia Con 2024!

Sequoia Con is an online conference focusing on Artificial Intelligence in K-12 education, which is hosted by Evergreen Education. The event will have presentations from dozens of teachers, administrators, and technology experts.

The conference will be delivered live through Zoom on February 29th and March 1st 2024, but all sessions will also be recorded and shared after the event with everyone who registers.

Speaking of registering, You can also get $50 off your registration with coupon code "CONTROLALT".

For more details on the conference, visit the event website at...

...and see below for additional information. I look forward to learning with you!

🌲 Conference description

Artificial Intelligence is rapidly changing the landscape of K-12 education. Sequoia Con is a two-day conference dedicated entirely to AI.

Not a breakout session here or there. An entire conference dedicated to AI. Featuring presentations from dozens of North America’s leading teachers, administrators, and technology experts.

Whether you’re new to AI and LLM technologies, or you’ve been incorporating them for years, Sequoia Con is the place to grow.

🍃 Conference discount
  • Regular: $429/person
  • Early Bird: $379/person - Register by February 1st
  • Extra discount: Get $50 off your registration with coupon code "CONTROLALT".

🍂 Who is this conference for?

This AI-for-Schools gathering is for all educators serving Tk-12 students.
  • Teachers: You’ll hear from peer experts using AI in your subject, at your grade level, with your standards who are clawing back hours of their day.
  • Principals: You’ll hear from leaders like yourself who are controlling the chaos and staying ahead of the curve.​
  • Classified Staff: You’ll hear from other educators and support staff who are using AI to reduce their workload (and headaches)​.
  • District: You’ll hear from fellow administrators navigating the foggy landscape of AI while avoiding its predictable landmines.

🍁 Conference topics

Sequoia offers a number of ways to customize your own experience, including by opting into different Branches (or “tracks”).

On Day 1, the Branches will be focused around the ways in which AI helps educators and staff solve everyday problems.
  • Saving Time & Hassle
  • Improved Lesson Planning
  • Differentiation
  • Classroom Management
  • Assessment Creation & Grading
  • Laborious Administration
  • Communications & Difficult Situations
  • IEPs & Student Support
On Day 2, the Branches will focus on the ways AI can specifically benefit different levels, grades, and positions within schools.
  • K-7 (under 13)
  • Grade 8-12 (over 13)
    • Math
    • Science
    • Language Arts
    • Social Studies
    • Computer Science
    • Foreign Language
    • The Arts
  • School/District Staff
  • Principals
  • CTOs
  • Superintendents/Heads of School/CEOs

Post by Eric Curts
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