Monday, January 8, 2024

EdTech Links of the Week - 1-8-24

Each week I keep an eye out for the latest edtech resources through blogs, social media, podcasts, videos, user groups, and more. I then try to reshare these resources in many ways.

One way I share these is here on the blog in these "EdTech Links of the Week" posts. See below to explore the latest batch of resources, and be sure to share with others who may benefit.

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And as always, please let me know of any resources that you recommend. I would love to learn from you!

This week I have 3 resources from around the Internet and 10 resources from my blog.

▶️ Recorded Video

(Or watch on YouTube and click the timestamps to easily jump between the different tools.)

🏛️ GenAI Chatbot Prompt Library for Educators
  • Collection of over 100 educational AI prompts for tools such as ChatGPT, Bard, Copilot, Claude, and more.
  • Categories include Administrative, Assessment, Communication, For Students, Lesson Planning, Professional Development, Social Emotional Learning, and Special Needs.
  • Simply copy a prompt, edit with your specific information, and paste into an AI chat tool.
  • Free daily resource for educators.
  • Practical ideas and activities that are perfect for the first five minutes of class time.
  • Arrives in your email inbox every morning at 7 AM EST.
  • 18+ NEW activities and ideas each day that focus on classroom connections, self-care, care for others, and the development of character.
  • Ideas and resources for building dynamic and trusting relationships within classroom communities. 
  • Users pick 1 of the 9 activities from either the Primary or Secondary First Five.

🎓 Google Courses for Educators
  • Google has updated their list of free self-paced courses for educators.
  • The three newest courses include:
  • Basic use of Google Workspace for Education Fundamentals - Replaces the old "Level 1" training
  • Intermediate use of Google Workspace for Education Fundamentals - Replaces the old "Level 2" training
  • Premium Teaching & Learning Features - Explores the features in the paid version of Google Workspace for Education

❄️ Cool Tools 2023 

As we wrapped up 2023 I shared 24 of my favorite "Cool Tools" from the year, with one new entry per day from December 1st through 24th (sort of like an EdTech advent calendar).
  • I went with the theme of artificial intelligence tools and resources, since that has been the hot topic.
  • As I released each new entry, I added a new link to a growing list in the post at
  • And you can access each tool through my "Cool Tools 23" slideshow here - Google Slides link
The full list of the Cool Tools is below:

  • I am honored and excited to be providing a keynote session for Sequoia Con 2024!
  • This online conference focuses on Artificial Intelligence in K-12 education, and will have presentations from dozens of teachers, administrators, and technology experts.
  • The conference will be delivered live through Zoom on February 29th and March 1st 2024, but all sessions will also be recorded and shared after the event with everyone who registers.
  • You can also get $50 off your registration with coupon code "CONTROLALT".

  • I am excited and honored to once again present at the 2024 ISTE Conference in Denver this June 22nd through 26th.
  • You can get all of the details on my sessions and resources at
  • And if you will be attending ISTE, please feel free to contribute to the Google document I set up for sharing resources at

  • As a way to wrap up the year, I decided to pull together some of the stats and highlights from 2023 including:
    • ✍️ Top Blog Posts
    • ▶️ YouTube Stats
    • 🎓 PD Sessions
    • 📰 Newsletter Stats
    • 📧 Email Discussion Group Stats
    • 💬 Facebook Group Stats
    • 🎬 Bonus: Favorite Movies and Shows
  • These are not just numbers however. They are representations of people who have gone on this learning journey with me, folks who have connected in person or virtually, and ultimately educators and students who have been impacted and have impacted me.
  • Thanks so much for learning with me, and I am looking forward to learning more with you in 2024!

Post by Eric Curts
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