Friday, December 1, 2023

EdTech Cool Tool - MagicSchool AI

This post is Day 1 of my "Cool Tools 2023" series where we are exploring some of the year's best tools for teaching and learning.

This year we are focusing on artificial intelligence tools and how they can be used in schools.
You can access all of the cool tools in the series as they come out at and in this Google Slideshow.

For this entry in the series we are taking a look at: MagicSchool AI

See below for details, directions, uses, and links for this artificial intelligence resource. If you have used this tool, please consider sharing your experiences, how you have used it, tips, tricks, and more.

▶️ Video Demo (6 minutes)

🔮 MagicSchool AI

MagicSchool AI is a collection of over 50 AI-powered tools to help educators create content. Some of the categories and tools include:
  • Planning - Lesson Plan, Science Lab, Syllabus, etc.
  • Content - Choice Board, Rubric, Video Summarizer, etc.
  • Questions - Word Problems, Multiple Choice, Spiral Review, etc.
  • Intellectual Prep - Exemplars, Directions, Misconceptions, etc.
  • Student Support - Text Leveler, IEP Generator, Accommodations, etc.
  • Communication - Comments, Feedback, Letter of Recommendation, etc.
  • Community Tools - Ice Breakers, Song Generator, Observation Tool, etc.

To use most of the tools:
  • Simply choose your subject area, grade level, and content, such as topic, text, standard or objective.
  • MagicSchool AI will then generate the content.
  • You can copy the generated content and use however you wish.
  • If you need ideas on how to use any of the tools, click the "See an exemplar" button for that tool to see an example.

💰 Pricing
  • As of the writing of this blog post MagicSchool AI is free to use. 
  • However they have indicated that there will be both a paid subscription plan and a free version. 
  • The premium paid version will be available soon for around $10 per month.

🧰 Resources

Be sure to check out the other blog posts in the "Cool Tools 2023" series at and in the Google Slideshow.

For additional AI videos, resource documents, blog posts, and more, be sure to check out my main AI resource page at:

And if you are looking for AI professional development, please consider bringing me to your school, organization, or conference. I have a wide range of AI-related training sessions which you can see in my PD catalog here:

Post by Eric Curts
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