Tuesday, May 21, 2024

AI Policies, Guidelines & Frameworks for Schools

Although ChatGPT became readily accessible to the public back in November of 2022, we are still in the early days of exploring and understanding these new powerful AI tools and their implications for education.

For most schools around the world that means developing policies and guidelines that clarify how AI can and should be used by their students and educators, as well as which uses are prohibited or limited in a school setting.

If your school does not have AI guidelines yet, you are certainly not alone. Many districts are still digging into this task with committees and pilot groups and more.

Thankfully there are many organizations and schools that have been blazing a trail in this area by developing and sharing their own AI policies, guidelines, and frameworks. I have been collecting links to these resources as I come across them and will share them below in this post.

These resources provide templates, examples, and guidance that you can use when developing policies for your entire district or just your own classroom. As I come across more resources I will continue to update this page, and encourage you to share similar resources through my Google Form.

🧭 Frameworks and Guidance

This first collection of resources is what I will categorize as frameworks and guidance, meaning that these are more general resources that explore key topics, questions, and concerns to consider when developing your own policies and guidelines. Many of these also include templates that can be adapted to fit your particular philosophy on AI use and misuse.

📃 Policy and Guidelines Examples

This second set of resources is more specific than the first. Here you will find actual policies, guidelines, and position statements from K12 schools and higher education universities. Rather than serve as a template for you to copy and fill in, these are practical examples of what schools have developed, from which you can draw inspiration and guidance.

❓ Questions to Explore

Beyond those resources, I have also pulled together a list of helpful questions to explore, discuss, and answer when developing AI guidelines and policies. These can help you and your colleagues discuss key issues and topics related to the use and misuse of AI in schools. As you work through these questions, you can take your conclusions and incorporate them into your eventual policies and guidelines.
  • What are positive ways that AI can be used for students, with students, and by students?
  • What are concerns and potential misuses of AI?
  • How does AI align to the school's educational objectives?
  • What are the goals for using AI in school?
  • How will the school define academic dishonesty when using AI tools? What does it mean to cheat with AI in different subjects, grades, etc?
  • What specific guidelines or rules will the school provide to students on how AI should be used?
  • How will the school monitor student use of AI in the classroom to ensure that students use AI tools ethically and responsibly?
  • How will the school address problems that may arise from the inappropriate use of AI in the classroom?
  • How will the school address potential biases from AI tools, and teach students to critically evaluate AI-generated output?
  • How can AI tools be used to support students with disabilities, while ensuring accessibility?
  • How can the school ensure all students have equal access to AI tools, regardless of socioeconomic background or technological gaps?
  • How will the school address data privacy issues and protect student data?
  • Who needs to be involved in the creation of these guidelines?
  • How will the school remain up-to-date on new AI developments and revisit these guidelines as needed?
  • How will the guidelines be shared with all stakeholders including students, parents, and staff?
  • What specific training and support will teachers receive to help them effectively manage and guide student use of AI?

🧰 More AI Resources

You can also find this information, and many more AI resources for schools, in my documents and collections below:

Post by Eric Curts
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