Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Recorded Webinar - Chromebook Accessibility Tools

Over the years I have had the opportunity many times to present sessions on accessibility tools, accommodation options, and resources to help support all learners.

These have always been some of my most popular sessions as everyone can benefit from these tools.

Over time these resources have also continued to develop with new tools, features, and options. With all of these continual updates, I was excited to have the opportunity to present a webinar for Trafera on "Chromebook Accessibility Tools".

In this 1-hour training we did a deep dive into all the ways Chromebooks can support all learners through built-in accessibility tools and features. See below for the recording, as well as all the resources for the session.

▶️ Recorded Webinar (1 hour)

🧰 Session Resources

Description: Chromebook Accessibility Tools - Chromebooks really are the computer "For Everyone" as they have powerful accessibility tools to support any learner. In this session we will explore the built-in text-to-speech tools (select-to-speak), alternative input tools (dictation, on-screen keyboard, digital handwriting), readability tools (magnifier, zoom, high contrast), navigation tools (automatic clicks, sticky keys, and mouse cursor adjustments), and other supports (quick answers, PDF markup).

Session resource documentbit.ly/curts-cbaccess

Session SlideshowView slides - Copy slides

Post by Eric Curts
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