Wednesday, July 10, 2024

Recorded Webinar - Accessibility Tools to Support All Learners

I recently had the pleasure to present sessions at the High Impact Conference for Educators, which is an event we put on through the Educational Service Center where I work. All of my sessions were recorded, and over time I hope to share several of the videos.

Please note that the recordings are a lot more casual than some of my other videos, as this is from an in-person conference with a room full of attendees, so there is some chatting and questions and such. Hopefully though you will still find the content helpful.

For this recording, this is the session:

Accessibility Tools to Support all Learners
There are many tools, apps, extensions, and features available to assist all learners. In this session we take an in-depth hands-on look at a wide range of technology tools to assist any and all learners. These can include text-to-speech, speech-to-text, readability, reading comprehension, artificial intelligence tools, audio support, organization, focus, and more. Learn what tools are available and how to access and use these free tools with your students.

See below for the full recording, as well as the resources from the session. Please feel free to reach out with any questions, feedback, or suggestions you have on this topic.

▶️ Recorded Training (45 minutes)

🧰 Session Resources

🗣️ Text to Speech

🎙️ Speech to Text
  • Video tutorial - "Google Tools for Speech to Text" - Blog post - YouTube link
  • ChromeOS - Dictation
  • Google Docs Voice Typing (built into Google Docs and Google Slides)
  • Voice In Voice Typing extension - Chrome extension link

👓 Readability

📗 Reading comprehension
  • ChromeOS "Quick Answers" - Right-click on any word to pronounce and define
  • Google Dictionary - Chrome extension link

🤖 Generative AI Support

Eric's AI resources
Differentiation / Personalization
  • Assist with differentiation - Example - Blog post
  • Explain topics at any level and depth - Example
  • Help students work through a problem step by step - Example
  • Provide students with essay or knowledge questions, and feedback on the student response. - Example
  • Determine the reading level of a text - Example
  • Rewrite the text at a lower reading level - Example
  • Summarize the text
  • Make a bullet point list of key points from the text - Example
  • Identify potentially difficult words in the text and list them with definitions - Example
  • Rewrite a text in a different style (genre, person, etc.) to help understand the content - Example
  • Create a story with specific characters, items, and events, written at any reading level - Example
  • Generate writing prompts for stories, essays, articles, and more - Example - Example
  • Generate main ideas to explore when writing about a topic - Example
  • Generate model writing and flawed writing for students to use as an exemplar - Example
  • Evaluate student writing and provide feedback for how it can be improved - Example

🔊 Audio support

🅰️️ Translation Tools

☑️ Behavior, focus, and organization

🧭 Navigation

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