Monday, July 8, 2024

Recorded Webinar - Storytelling Activities with Google Tools

I recently had the pleasure to present sessions at the High Impact Conference for Educators, which is an event we put on through the Educational Service Center where I work. All of my sessions were recorded, and over time I hope to share several of the videos.

Please note that the recordings are a lot more casual than some of my other videos, as this is from an in-person conference with a room full of attendees, so there is some chatting and questions and such. Hopefully though you will still find the content helpful.

For this recording, this is the session:

Once Upon a Google: Innovative Storytelling with Google Tools
Google tools provide many ways for students and educators to create and share stories. Slides can be used to create storybooks, e-books, comic strips, stop-motion animation, and story soundboards; Docs can be used for "Choose Your Own Adventure" stories, emoji rebus stories, and black-out poetry; Sheets can be used to create random writing prompts for inspiration, and more!

See below for the full recording, as well as the resources from the session. Please feel free to reach out with any questions, feedback, or suggestions you have on this topic.

▶️ Recorded Training (48 minutes)

🧰 Session Resources

🐉 Choose Your Own Adventure Stories

This is an activity where students use Google Docs to create an interactive "Choose Your Own Adventure" story.

😀 Emoji Rebus Stories

This is an activity where students use Google Docs to write rebus stories that use both words and pictures, in this case emojis.

⬛ Black Out Poetry 

This is an activity where students use Google Docs to write "Black Out Poetry" by choosing which words to keep and which words to black out.

🎞️ Stop Motion Animation

This is an activity where students use Google Slides to create stop-motion animations to tell stories and explain concepts.

🔊 Story Soundboards

This is an activity where Google Slides is used to create an interactive sound board for sound effects when reading a story.

🎲 Random Writing Prompts

This is an activity where Google Sheets is used to generate random writing prompts to inspire student writing.

🤖 AI Writing Activities

  • Round Robin Writing with AI - Example
  • Generate writing prompts for stories, essays, articles, and more - Example
  • Generate story elements (names, places, items, etc.) - Example

Post by Eric Curts
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