Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Mote for Multilingual Learners - Recorded Webinar

Recently I had the privilege to offer a free online session for the Teacher Innovation Network "EdTech Playground" where the theme was ways technology can support multilingual learners.

For my portion of the session I presented about the Chrome extension Mote and how it can be used in the multilingual classroom. Here is a description of my session:

Marvelous Mote Activities for Schools
Mote is a free Chrome extension that lets you and your students record your voices and insert the audio into most all Google tools. In Docs this can be used to provide recorded directions, add personalized feedback, and practice fluency. In Slides this is the simplest way to embed audio in your presentations. In Forms you can use Mote to add audio to your questions, but also for students to record and submit their answers. Mote can also be used in Classroom, Gmail, and much more. Learn how you and your students can use this awesome extension to enhance teaching and learning with audio

The other presenter was Brian Lopez who covered using Flip for multilingual learners.

The Teacher Innovation Network was kind enough to make the recorded video available for people to view if they were not able to attend the live session. See below to watch the recording, as well as access the resources I shared in the session.

▶️ Webinar Video (54 minutes)

🧰 Session Resources

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