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EdTech Cool Tool - Canva Magic Studio

This post is Day 15 of my "Cool Tools 2023" series where we are exploring some of the year's best tools for teaching and learning.

This year we are focusing on artificial intelligence tools and how they can be used in schools.

You can access all of the cool tools in the series as they come out at and in this Google Slideshow.

For this entry in the series we are taking a look at: Canva Magic Studio

See below for details, directions, uses, and links for this artificial intelligence resource. If you have used this tool, please consider sharing your experiences, how you have used it, tips, tricks, and more.

▶️ Video Demo (6 minutes)

🎨 Canva Magic Studio
  • Canva Magic studio is a collection of AI-powered tools for design, images, video, text, and more, which are free for schools.
  • Canva provides a wide range of design tools to create infographics, posters, worksheets, comics, graphic organizers, flyers, social media graphics, videos, docs, presentations, websites, and more.
  • Canva has recently added AI tools to assist with these tasks and more.

Sign up for free

Canva provides all of their tools for free to K-12 educators and students. If you haven't created your educational Canva account yet, go to the link below and click "Get verified"...

Magic Studio Tools

Below are some of the AI-powered tools included in Canva's Magic Studio...

Magic Design

Describe what you want to design and have social posts, presentations or even videos created custom to your idea with Magic Design.
  • Type your idea or vision in a few words, or upload your own media
  • Magic Design will generate a collection of custom templates just for you
  • Apply your Brand Kit to the templates to personalize them even more

Magic Design for Presentations

Get a head start on your slides and let Magic Presentation create a professional presentation, tailored to your content, in no time.
  • Start by describing your presentation in a few words
  • Watch as Magic Design lays out the perfect slides based on what you told it
  • Writer's block? Pair with Magic Write to fill in your story

Magic Design for Videos

Transform your content into short, shareable videos with built-in music, in seconds with Magic Design for Video.
  • Start by uploading images, videos or both
  • Select your clips and enter a short description about your video
  • Magic Design for Video will generate the rest and even perfectly sync a track to it

Magic Write

Save time with Magic Write, an Al-powered teaching assistant built into Canva.
  • Type a prompt and watch Magic Write generate teaching content
  • Streamline tasks like creating lesson plans and worksheets
  • Easily tailor teaching content to individual student needs

Magic Switch

Use Magic Switch to resize your design into multiple formats at once, or to translate your design into another language.
  • Transform your presentation into a doc or resize your design into another format
  • Use Magic Switch to translate your design into another language
  • Watch as all your messaging, elements and content are automatically reformatted

Magic Animate

Instantly apply perfectly suited animations and transitions to your schoolwork.
  • Let our Al suggest a style for you based on your content, or choose an alternative one
  • Done! Your design is now in motion
  • Pair with Magic Design for Video to create short, shareable videos with built- in music

Magic Morph

Add your own style to any element, text or shape with a simple writing prompt.
  • Start by typing how you want your text or element to look
  • Watch as the subject changes into the style you described
  • Use it to enhance text or a shape, quickly create graphics or spark creative ideas

Magic Media Text to Video and Images

Watch your big ideas play out right before your eyes. Magic Media uses Al to create images or videos in seconds.
  • Add your idea for an image or video
  • Watch as Magic Media generates it for you
  • Play with our editing tools to make it even closer to your vision

Magic Edit

Reimagine your images by swapping objects and changing colors with a simple text prompt.
  • Select the part of your image that you want to change
  • Write what you want to add, replace or change and watch it happen
  • Pair with Magic Morph to add your custom style to elements or text

Magic Grab

Easily upgrade your schoolwork. Make any image editable, even the text within it, using Magic Grab.
  • Start by uploading a photo or screenshot of any worksheet or activity
  • Grab a part of your photo to edit, reposition or resize it
  • Pair with our other Magic Studio features like Text to Image to bring even more of your vision to life

Magic Expand

Recover cut-off details, fix awkward framing and expand your photo in any direction.
  • Start by uploading an image.
  • Select an aspect ratio or enter your own
  • Apply a recommendation from Magic Expand to recover or extend your photo

DALL-E Integration
  • Create images quickly and easily with DALL-E, the Al image generator from OpenAl the makers of ChatGPT.
  • For ages 13+.

Imagen Integration
  • With a deep understanding of descriptions and photorealistic capabilities, Google's Al image generator Imagen empowers you to imagine, illustrate and inspire.
  • For ages 13+.

💰 Pricing

Canva provides all of their tools for free to K-12 educators and students. If you haven't created your educational Canva account yet, go to the link below and click "Get verified"...

🧰 Resources
Be sure to check out the other blog posts in the "Cool Tools 2023" series at and in the Google Slideshow.

For additional AI videos, resource documents, blog posts, and more, be sure to check out my main AI resource page at:

And if you are looking for AI professional development, please consider bringing me to your school, organization, or conference. I have a wide range of AI-related training sessions which you can see in my PD catalog here:

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