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EdTech Cool Tool - Almanack

This post is Day 17 of my "Cool Tools 2023" series where we are exploring some of the year's best tools for teaching and learning.

This year we are focusing on artificial intelligence tools and how they can be used in schools.

You can access all of the cool tools in the series as they come out at and in this Google Slideshow.

For this entry in the series we are taking a look at: Almanack

See below for details, directions, uses, and links for this artificial intelligence resource. If you have used this tool, please consider sharing your experiences, how you have used it, tips, tricks, and more.

▶️ Video Demo (4 minutes)

🗺️ Almanack

Almanack is a collection of over 35 AI-powered tools to help educators create content. Some of the categories and tools include:
  • Resources - Lexile Level Adjuster, Summarizer, Song Generator, Rubric Generator, Student Story Generator, PBL Lesson Plan, Quizzes and Tests, Exit Tickets, Cloze Passage, Interview Questions, and more.
  • Games - Jeopardy, Bingo, Word Search, Battleship
  • Curriculum Design - Course Topics Generator, Course Description Generator

Free Tools

Almanack include a wide range of free tools that can be used an unlimited number of times each month. Currently these free tools include:
  • Battleship Game - Use the popular game Battleship to review any topic with your class.
  • Bloom's Taxonomy - Create a Bloom's Taxonomy for any topic and grade level.
  • Choice Board - Encourage students to be creative while demonstrating their learning.
  • Conceptual Thinking - Get ideas to promote better understanding of concepts.
  • Course Description Generator - Create a course description for an elective course
  • Course Title Generator - Create a course title for an elective course
  • Course Topics Generator - Create a course topics for an elective course
  • Interview Questions - Create interview questions for verbal assessments.
  • Lexile Level Adjuster - Adjust any text to the reading level of your students.
  • PBL Lesson Plan - Project Based Learning plan with activities and scaffolding.
  • Rubric Generator - Generate a rubric for a project/assignment for your course.
  • Science Lab - Design a science lab to encourage exploration and inquiry.
  • Simulation Activity - Create a simulation activity to provide experiential learning to your students.
  • Song Generator - Create a jingle for your elementary school students to help them remember key concepts or class routines.
  • Student Story Generator - Create a fun and engaging story with your student as the main character.
  • Substitute Teacher Plan - Create a lesson plan for a substitute teacher based on a Lesson in Almanack.
  • Summarizer - Summarize content to a specified number of sentences.
  • Translator - Translate text into any language.
  • Vocabulary List - Create a vocabulary list with definitions.

Pro Tools

Almanack also include a wide range of pro tools. With a free plan you can use these tools for free for up to 15 generations per month. With a paid subscription you can use them an unlimited number of times.
  • 5E Lesson Plan - Create a 5E lesson plan to facilitate effective science teaching and learning
  • Bingo - Create a bingo card with questions or prompts related to a lesson.
  • Cloze Passage - Assess and improve reading comprehension with a passage of your choice.
  • Essay Feedback Tool - Get feedback for a student-submitted essay.
  • Exit Tickets - A set of quick questions to get a pulse on the understanding of a lesson.
  • Flashcards - Create flashcards to help students review key concepts and terms.
  • Forbidden Words - A word-guessing game where the player cannot use words from a forbidden list.
  • Graphic Organizer Worksheets - Create a graphic organizer worksheet for your lesson.
  • Group Activities - Engage your students with a group activity based on their interests.
  • Handout - Create a comprehensive study guide with definitions, key concepts, and examples.
  • Jeopardy - Create Jeopardy for the classroom.
  • K-2 Worksheets - Comprehension, writing practice, cut-and-paste activity for lower grades.
  • Quizzes and Tests - Choose from multiple choice, fill-in-the-blanks, diagram labeling questions and more.
  • Slide Decks - Generate a formatted slide deck with images.
  • Video Recommendations - Engaging videos for the classroom.
  • Word Search - Boost memory, enhance spelling skills and practice lesson vocabulary with word search.
  • Worksheets - Create a customized worksheet that covers a full range of topics for grades 3-12.

Using the Tools

To use most of the tools, simply supply the content you wish to work with, and then choose your subject area, grade level, and such as requested by the tool.

For example, to use the Lexile Level Adjuster we will choose:
  • What would you like to modify:
    • Copy/paste some text in a box
    • A link from the Internet (URL)
    • A file that you upload
    • A resource from Almanack
    • YouTube video (with CC)
  • What grade level would you like to adjust to? 
    • Kindergarten through Post-Secondary

Almanack will then generate the content. You can export the generated content to a Google Doc, PDF, or Microsoft Word document, and use however you wish.

💰 Pricing

As of the writing of this blog post, Almanack has both a free plan and paid planPricing Link

Free Plan
  • Lesson Planning
  • Curriculum Integration
  • Slide Decks
  • Assessments
  • Worksheets
  • Video Recommendations
  • Unlimited use of Free tools
  • 15 generations/month for Pro tools
Paid Plan - $11.99 per month
  • Lesson Planning
  • Curriculum Integration
  • Slide Decks
  • Assessments
  • Worksheets
  • Video Recommendations
  • Unlimited use of Free tools
  • Unlimited use of Pro tools

🧰 Resources

Be sure to check out the other blog posts in the "Cool Tools 2023" series at and in the Google Slideshow.

For additional AI videos, resource documents, blog posts, and more, be sure to check out my main AI resource page at:

And if you are looking for AI professional development, please consider bringing me to your school, organization, or conference. I have a wide range of AI-related training sessions which you can see in my PD catalog here:

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