Sunday, December 24, 2023

EdTech Cool Tool - Edpuzzle Teacher Assist

This post is Day 24 of my "Cool Tools 2023" series where we are exploring some of the year's best tools for teaching and learning.

This year we are focusing on artificial intelligence tools and how they can be used in schools.

You can access all of the cool tools in the series as they come out at and in this Google Slideshow.

For this entry in the series we are taking a look at: Edpuzzle Teacher Assist

See below for details, directions, uses, and links for this artificial intelligence resource. If you have used this tool, please consider sharing your experiences, how you have used it, tips, tricks, and more.

▶️ Video Demo (8 minutes)

🧩 Edpuzzle Teacher Assist

Edpuzzle has added AI features as part of their new Teacher Assist suite of tools. These include:
  • AI Question Generator -  Information is pulled from a video and the AI generates and embeds questions automatically
  • Autograde feature - AI will help grade open-ended questions to save you time and energy

Here is how these AI features work...

❓ AI Question Generator

Instead of having to create questions yourself, the AI Question Generator tool will pull the transcript from the video to automatically create questions for the students to answer about the video.
  • In Edpuzzle, search for and select a video as normal.
  • Next go to the "Questions" tab for that video.
  • Instead of creating your own questions, click the "Generate Questions" button.
  • From the drop-down menu choose "Open-ended", "Multiple-choice", or "Both".

  • The AI will automatically create questions and add them to the video.

  • If needed, you can edit any of the generated questions by selecting them in the video timeline and clicking the edit button.
  • You can also get rid of any questions you do not want by clicking the "Discard" button.
  • When done, click "Finish" as normal and assign your video lesson.
A few quick notes on this feature:
  • The AI Question Generator only works for video that do not already have questions added. If you already have questions, you can delete them to use this tool.
  • If a video is too short, or does not have enough content to pull from, the AI Question Generator may not be able to create questions.

💯 Autograde

In the past, Edpuzzle was only able to automatically grade multiple-choice questions. However the Autograde feature uses AI to grade open-ended questions.
  • In Edpuzzle, click on the assignment that needs to be graded.
  • At the top of the assignment, click the "Answers to grade" button to access any questions with open-ended responses waiting to be graded.

  • Click the "Autograde" button beneath the question.
  • In the box that appears, type in an ideal exemplar answer for the question. This will be used to help guide the AI in grading the student responses.
  • Click "Autograde" when done.

  • You will now see the grades given by the AI for each of the student answers.
  • If needed you can edit any of the grades to override what the AI assigned.

💰 Pricing

Edpuzzle offers free and paid plans with details at:
  • The Basic version is free and has a limit of 20 video lessons at any one time.
  • The Pro version is $13.50 per month and allows for unlimited videos and projects.

🧰 Resources
Be sure to check out the other blog posts in the "Cool Tools 2023" series at and in the Google Slideshow.

For additional AI videos, resource documents, blog posts, and more, be sure to check out my main AI resource page at:

And if you are looking for AI professional development, please consider bringing me to your school, organization, or conference. I have a wide range of AI-related training sessions which you can see in my PD catalog here:

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